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Benefits of drinking alkaline water

Alkaline water means the pH level of the water is above seven. PH scale level is from 0 to 14, where pH level 7 is the neutral position. Below pH level 7 is acidic. Basically, pure water PH is 7, but many contaminants in the water, make change the pH. The best drinking water pH level should be 8 to 9, which is alkaline. It can be attained by alkalizing the water. Hence, it should be known what Read more

Drinking distilled water

What is the distilled water? If most of the impurities are removed from water through distillation process, then that water are called distilled water. Steams are created by boiling the water, then condensing the steam through a condenser and collect the condensate into a container; it is called distillation process. Uses of distilled water There are many uses of distilled water such as Read more