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Determination of hardness of water by EDTA method

Determination of hardness of water by EDTA method is one of the three main methods for determination of hardness of water. EDTA means Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid. This EDTA reagent can be forming edta-metal complexes by the reaction with metal ions except for alkali metal ions. This reagent can forms a stable complex with the alkaline earth metal like calcium ion and magnesium ion in Read more

Determination of Water Hardness

Theoretically water hardness means the concentrations of all the metallic cations except the cations of the alkali metals. All nonmetallic ions like Hydrogen ion are excluded from the definition. Normally in the largest part waters, all off the water hardness is occurred by reason of the presence of calcium and magnesium ions. But in some water it should be consideration the measurable Read more