Drinking Spring Water

Springs water means the water that flows on to the surface from the underground water source in naturally or collect by pumped the underground water through a borehole tapping (According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration – FDA). It is collected from the nature, artesian spring or mountain. The drinking spring water is considered to be free from harmful elements and micro-organisms. So unlike other forms of bottled water, this water is not essential to filtered or treated to eliminate impurities. It is usually bottled straightly from the source. It is also consider that it contains a level of minerals which is beneficial to our health. Mineral-rich water typically a neutral or slightly alkaline. This water may assist to neutralize acidity in the body and able to lessen the amount of free radical damage. Many people drink as it is a clean, good and refreshing taste. The calcium and magnesium level of this water is also useful for strong bones and teeth. Artesian spring water (water is naturally pumped) is better than any others drinking spring water.

Consume of spring water has become familiar in drinking and various households purpose instead of municipal water; because municipal water is contaminants with many harmful micro-organisms. It increases the taste of brew coffee or tea.

Drinking Spring WaterAlthough the drinking spring water is health promoted, it has some limitation. A lot of people consider that spring water is pure water. They also believe that it is as mineral water. This mistakes are arises for they don’t know properly about the spring water and many spring water companies divert them to think that so, with their proper advertisement. But all the spring water is not so good. Some of them contains so impurities that they are as like tap water even more worsen than it. These people think that remote mountain spring water is far away from the contamination of the civilization.

Spring water feed our river, some spring water company direct bottled from this water. All places water are not same because geological different; hence some spring water contains low level TDS, on the other hand some are heavy TDS level. Consequently we have to notice that the source of the spring water which we consumed. If the water bottled from the river it may be contaminants by impurities or micro-organisms.

In recent years, spring water consumers are increase rapidly in some development countries such as USA, Canada due to its refreshing taste and health benefits.

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