Soft Water

What is soft water
Soft water means when the water is free from the ions of chloride, sulfate and bicarbonate of calcium and magnesium salt or presence little amount of these ions; in particular total water hardness less than 150 mg/l calcium carbonate. Also free from some other metals for example iron, zinc, manganese, aluminum, strontium etc. We can also be define soft water depends on foam creation with soap or detergent. Soft water can easily create foam with soap and detergents. The source of soft water mainly rain water; other sources are water that comes from granite or sandstone. Soft water can be classified into two group depends upon total hardness. When total water hardness less than 75 mg/l calcium carbonate; it is called very soft water. If total water hardness is between 75-150 mg/l calcium carbonate; it is called soft water.

Soft water has a tendency to be somewhat acidic. For example:

Water + carbon di-oxide + calcium carbonate = calcium bicarbonate

H2O (l) + CO2 (g) + CaCO3 (s) → Ca(HCO3)2 (aq)

Very Soft water can dissolve metals with which it comes into contact with at static condition or during flow time.  Lead, copper, iron etc are susceptible to attack from this type of water. In this way Lead and copper may lead to poisoning the water, which is at risk for health.  This is one of the main reasons in plumbing installations Lead and copper are no longer used.

soft water

Is soft water safe to drink
There are many reasons soft water is not good for drinking. But conditioning water is good for health. The soft water that contains high sodium ions is not safe to drink. It is health risk such as diabetes or high blood pressure. Sodium should not more than 2300 mg, it is better contains 1500 mg per day. If somebody takes soft water regularly, he/she should be need take vitamin that includes calcium. A study proves that not as much of heart disease in hard water areas than in soft water areas.

Benefits of soft water
Soft water is benefits for washing one’s body and hair because it does not create dryness. Moreover there are no sticky films formed on the skin. People escape from skin disease like Eczema. No limescale can form in kettles, coffee makers, faucets, hot water heaters, steam irons etc in whole household, Increase plumbing system life. It is also reduce cost in laundry purpose.
In industrial purpose the uses of soft water is significant. Soft water is used for heat transfer, cooling tower, boiler, manufacture of beverages, sugar syrup, gelatin, juice etc in many industries.

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