Water pollution and the signs of it

Water covers above 70 percent of the Earth’s surface. No life can survive without water. Hence, water is the most fundamental resource for living beings on the earth and for this reasons the other name of the water is life, but we polluted this water by many ways. Water Pollution may be defined in a number of ways. Water pollution occurs when many unwanted substances go into water bodies such as lakes, rivers, oceans, aquifers and groundwater. It can be physical, chemical, or biological change from the natural state. It alters the quality of water and has dangerous effects on any living things. The quality of water is of vital concern for mankind. This polluted water becomes unsuitable or less suitable for any safe or beneficial consumption and brings serious effects on human health (such as water-borne diseases), when they uses or drinks this water. In the same way water pollution affects on the living things in the water bodies (plants, organisms). Nearly all cases the effects of water pollution not only individual living species, but also whole ecosystems that exist in the waters.
water pollution
Water pollution is one of the major worldwide crises. Although the non-developing and developing countries are mostly affected, but developed countries also affected seriously. In one report on water quality in the USA shows that the water of many streams, lakes and other water bodies are recognized as polluted. Every year many unwanted death are taking place for water pollution related illness.

The signs of water pollution:

  • Bad taste of drinking water
  • Developing unwanted colorization in the water
  • Unpleasant odor from lakes, rivers and sea-beaches
  • Unchecked growth of aquatic weeds in water bodies
  • Decrease in number of fish in fresh water, lakes, rivers and ocean water
  • Oil and grease floating on water surfaces etc.

There are many interruption happens due to water pollution such as public water supply, recreation and aesthetics, fish, other aquatic life and wild life, agriculture, industry. Water pollution can be happens by naturally or by mankind.

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