Boiler feed water treatment

The function of the boiler is producing steam. The effectiveness of the boiler is depends on the water. Hence the boiler feed water quality is an important factor for boiler system. Lots of problems in the boiler system caused by water can be prevented in many cases if the water quality is controlled properly. Therefore, it is required boiler feed water treatment perfectly. In boiler, water quality control target values are set on the basis of standard criteria and operation condition of a boiler and these are maintained for smooth running of the boiler.

Necessity of boiler feed water treatment:

  • To obtain maximum boiler efficiency
  • To enhance the life time of boiler tubes
  • To prevent corrosion due to condensate quality
  • To prevent down time caused by troubles arisen from water quality

Boiler Problems caused by water

  • Scale Problem: Scale development is highly unwanted. If the boiler water contaminant with some dissolved solids, it will reduce the boiler performance and boiler life. When the steam is generated, the solid content become concentrated and form deposit in the bottom of the boiler. As a result poor heat transfer and it need to be overheating the boiler tube. Therefore decreases the effectiveness of the boiler. More over increase the fuel and maintenance cost.
  • Corrosion Problem: If the boiler feed water contains some gases as like oxygen, carbondioxide, and ammonia it will harmful for boiler. These gases will react with the boiler plate and others metals and lead to boiler corrosion.
  • Priming and foaming problem

Water treatment for boiler
Water is treated suitably before feeding boiler. It also requires some physical and chemical treatment inside boiler to prevent any detrimental effects due to water. The main function of boiler water treatment is to protect the boiler from corrosion and scale formation. The water conditioning for boiler is broadly classified into two types of boiler feed water treatment:

  1. External boiler water treatment
  2. Internal boiler water treatment

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  1. I had no idea that water can corrode and cause downtime for boilers. My Aunt has a boiler in her home that has caused her trouble in the past. I will have to tell her how she can maintain her boiler’s efficiency.

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