Effects of hard water

There are many negative and positive effects of hard water. But actually negative effects are dominants. Mainly we observe the following effects of hard water.

Whole house hold effects of hard water

In whole house hold work hard water can form limescale in kettles, coffee makers, faucets, hot water heaters, steam irons, automatic dishwashers, shower heads, inside of pipes, taps etc. When hard water is used for washing more soap or detergents are required. Moreover hard water leaves soap or detergent deposits in sinks, bathtubs and basins; create spots on glassware and dishes.

Effects of hard water on health

There are no significant effects of hard water on health. Moreover a little amount of calcium and magnesium mineral is good for our health. Though it has some effects on skin and hair, but it reduce heart attack risks.

Industrial effects of hard water

Mainly effects of hard water are greatly observed in industries.  When hard water is heated a lime scale is formed inside of pipes, hot water tanks, washing machines, boilers, cooling towers and other industrial equipment that handles water. It can be reduced the life of plumbing. Water hardness significantly effects on textile dyeing, washing and finishing section. Hence water must be conditioning before industrial uses.

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