Hard Water Effects on Health

Hard water has no recognized undesirable effects on health; On the other hand, a small amount of calcium and magnesium mineral is daily need for our health. Some people are advice by their physician to use hard water for drinking and cooking. A under investigated studies has been shows that drinking hard water can reduce heart attack risks. Extremely rare cases, where calcium concentrations are bigger than 1000 mg/L in hard water can be enlarged occurrence of kidney stones and gallstones.

Using hard water some people observe additional dry skin, but the greater part of people are not seen any change.

Another survey has been shown that when some people with Eczema started to using soft water their skin improves. The cause is unknown why the skin improves? This effects on health may be caused by the calcium and magnesium salt on hard water. In hard water when people bathing with soap, a sticky film formed on the skin. Soil, dirt and bacteria can be trapped in pores beneath the soap scum; this is the possible skin infection.
The soap scum stick in hair. As a result hair can be dull, limp and complicated to handle. Moreover this scum can be reason for hair fallen.

Some research have shows that a correlation between hard water and cardiovascular disease. Hard water enhances the some vital minerals like calcium and magnesium. These two minerals may possibly have a defensive effect in opposition to cardiovascular disease and diminish threat of high blood pressure. World Health Organization analysis the data but the data was not enough to permit for a suggestion of a level of water hardness.

Thought hard water has some negative effects on health, but in broad-spectrum it is beneficial to health.

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