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Hard water vs soft water

Hard water and soft water are defining depending on water contaminants with some metals ions such as calcium, magnesium. Hard water is not good for all position; same way soft water also not suitable for all applications. Generally hard water contains greater quantity of calcium and magnesium ions. On the other hand soft water contains little amount or no ions of some metals such as calcium, Read more

Determination of hardness of water by EDTA method

Determination of hardness of water by EDTA method is one of the three main methods for determination of hardness of water. EDTA means Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid. This EDTA reagent can be forming edta-metal complexes by the reaction with metal ions except for alkali metal ions. This reagent can forms a stable complex with the alkaline earth metal like calcium ion and magnesium ion in Read more

Determination of Water Hardness

Theoretically water hardness means the concentrations of all the metallic cations except the cations of the alkali metals. All nonmetallic ions like Hydrogen ion are excluded from the definition. Normally in the largest part waters, all off the water hardness is occurred by reason of the presence of calcium and magnesium ions. But in some water it should be consideration the measurable Read more

Industrial effects of Hard Water

Hard water effects significantly in industries. It can be said that in every industrial purpose it should be use conditioning water rather than hard water. Such as Beverages, textile industries, boiler, cooling tower and plumbing purposes. Effect of Hard Water in Textile Industry Water hardness greatly effects on textile dyeing, washing and finishing section. In washing section hard water make Read more

Whole house hold effects of hard water

There are several negative effects of hard water in whole house hold work such as limescale form in coffee makers, tea kettles, hot water heaters, steam irons, washing machine, faucets, shower heads, inside of pipes, taps etc. More soap and detergent is required in washing purpose. When limescale are formed inside of pipes; it decreases flow through the pipes. In the long run pipes can turn Read more

Hard Water Effects on Health

Hard water has no recognized undesirable effects on health; On the other hand, a small amount of calcium and magnesium mineral is daily need for our health. Some people are advice by their physician to use hard water for drinking and cooking. A under investigated studies has been shows that drinking hard water can reduce heart attack risks. Extremely rare cases, where calcium concentrations are Read more

Effects of hard water

There are many negative and positive effects of hard water. But actually negative effects are dominants. Mainly we observe the following effects of hard water. Whole house hold effects of hard water In whole house hold work hard water can form limescale in kettles, coffee makers, faucets, hot water heaters, steam irons, automatic dishwashers, shower heads, inside of pipes, taps etc. When hard Read more