Niagara bottled water company has recalled its 14 bands bottled spring water

Niagara Bottling, a family owned bottled Water Company in USA is a voluntary recall covering 14 brands of its water because of possible contaminant E. coli bacteria. The possible affected date is from June 10 to June 18 of this year. The affected bands are Niagara Spring Water, Acadia Spring Water, Acme Spring Water, Big Y Spring Water, Nature’s Place Spring Water, Pricerite Spring Water, Superchill Spring Water, Best Yet Spring Water, 7-11 Spring Water, Morning Fresh Spring Water, Shoprite Spring Water, Shaws Spring Water, Western Beef Blue Spring Water and Wegman’s Spring Water.

Throughout the 8 days, this effected bottled spring water was shipped to over 15 states including Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maine, Delaware, District of Columbia, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, New York, New Hampshire, New Jersey, and North Carolina.

These brands of bottled water are produced in two Pennsylvania manufacturing plants at Hamburg, Berks County and Upper Macungie, Lehigh County of the company. The company said that one of its spring bottled water sources was contaminated by traces amount of E. coli bacteria. Still, there are no reports of any illness linked to the above mentioned bottled Water. The voluntary removal effort is being implemented in collaboration with State and Federal Agencies. The Niagara bottled water company always tries to maintaining the maximum probable standards for product quality.

The Niagara bottled water company alerts this promptly due to the company’s good well and health concern of the people. The people who are lived of these 15 states and bottled water drinker, should to be check the manufacturing date of these 14 bands. If the product date between June 10 and June 18, 2015 and manufactured at Pennsylvania facilities than it must be avoid drinking. The bottled water that is produced outside of Pennsylvania or outside the June 10-18th, 2015 timeframe is completely safe to drink.

If anyone needs further information about this they can call at (888) 943-4894 to know more.

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