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Iron Related Bacteria Test – Hach Test

BART (Biological Activity Reaction Test) is one of the most common iron related bacteria test. This Hach Company kit includes 9 tests. When IRB present in the sample, then a series of reaction occurs with IRB and nutrients ingredients in the inner tube. The change to red color of the water indicates a presence of bacteria within that sample. The IRB-BARTs can detect both iron oxidizing and Read more

Total coliform bacteria test – LaMotte 4-3616 Coliform Test Kit

Total coliform bacteria test is an easy method with The LaMotte 4-3616 Coliform Test Kit. It Contains 5 disposable tubes and a water sample bag. Each of the tube contains a nutrients tablet that supports the growth of coliform bacteria, a gelling substance, and a pH indicator. If the coliform bacteria are present in the water sample then the bacteria metabolizing the nutrients in the tablet Read more

Disinfection and sterilization of water

Sterilization of water is the process that kills, eliminates or deactivates the all form of microorganisms in the water. It is the critical stage for safe potable water. This method must achieve all most 100% deactivation so that prevents the spread of water-borne diseases. On the other hand disinfection means the process that are removing or reducing harmful microorganisms. There are different Read more

Niagara bottled water company has recalled its 14 bands bottled spring water

Niagara Bottling, a family owned bottled Water Company in USA is a voluntary recall covering 14 brands of its water because of possible contaminant E. coli bacteria. The possible affected date is from June 10 to June 18 of this year. The affected bands are Niagara Spring Water, Acadia Spring Water, Acme Spring Water, Big Y Spring Water, Nature’s Place Spring Water, Pricerite Spring Water, Read more

Coliform Bacteria in water

What is coliform bacteria Coliform bacteria are single-celled organisms that are present in the environment such as rivers, lakes and streams and as well as all warm-blooded animals like human. The structure of them is rod-shaped, gram-negative and non-spore forming bacteria. Coliform bacteria can be explained in this way that; it can ferment lactose into acid and gas at 35–37°C. The Read more

Bacteria in water

Physiologically and morphologically heterogeneous bacteria can create nuisances in water systems. The bacteria are included in this group are slime bacteria, iron bacteria, sulfur bacteria and sulfate bacteria. Bacteria in water systems create taste, order, and produce color in water. Moreover it increases tuberculation, turbidity and decrease in carrying capacity of pipes. Inorganic and Read more