salt water pool problems

Despite the popularity of the salt water pool in the USA is increasing day by day, but they have some problems. They are not a chlorine free swimming pool. Here Chlorine is produced from the salt water with the help of electrolytic chlorine generator (ECG). These types of pools are popular due to the water is clean, less chlorine smell, lower chloramines formation and low eyes irritation. The common salt water pool problems are scale, corrosion, drainage etc. Comparatively it is not a better pool then a chlorine pool. So you should consider the following problems before installation this type of pool.
salt water pool problems

Salt water swimming pool pH problem or scaling problems

The pH levels are a significant factor among the salt water pool problems. In these system the pH is tends to higher level. Reason, the sodium hydroxide also produces in chlorine generation process which are shown in the following reaction.
H2O + NaCl → HOCl + NaOH
The pool should be run between the pH level from 7.4 to 7.8. The pH over 8.0 can brings bad effects to the pool. It is a favorable condition to create scaling. Moreover, the chlorine may be lock up at higher pH. The scale can damage various parts of the pool. Common scaling components are calcium, phosphate, silicate and sulfates. The mineral deposit on the blades of electrolytic chlorine generator (ECG) can contribute to hamper the effectiveness and life span of the ECG which can lead to premature replacement. It is very costly to replace.

Moreover, the scale can also increase the temperature of the water. The scale on the blade can act as insulator and able to generate heat, so the contact water becomes hotter. On the other hand lower pH also creates problems. It can reduce the chlorine effectiveness, make the water corrosive and build up brown stains on the pool’s surface.

Draining system

Draining system is another problem for salt water swimming pool. Because of many municipalities prohibit to drains the saltwater from chlorine pool into the local sewer system. This water is harmful to plants, lawns, environments etc. Therefore they encourage the pool owners to send water into sanitary drainage system or trucked away.


Corrosion is another important dangerous matter among the salt water pool problems. Salty environment effects on the metallic equipments and attacks the cement in the plaster and floor materials. So if you installed a saltwater pool then the metallic objects are vulnerable and easily corrodes. Different metals such as nickel, galvanized steel, copper and titanium may able to develop a small electric charge. Moisture presence on the metal surfaces will rise to take place the corrosion processes. If the salt levels in the environment are low then the corrosion process is slow.

Chemical balance

Some pool owners think that salt water pools are not required maintenance. But they need water balance such as chlorine, pH, and alkalinity on a regular basis. On the other hand, occasionally they also need algaecide, clarifier, stain and scale control.

Chlorine Generator

Generator is used is salt water system for producing chlorine. After 1 to 3 years the cell of this generator should be replaced. The replacing cost is very high which is about $500 to $800. Moreover, calcium may deposit on the chlorinator cell; mainly for incorrect pH levels. It needs to be cleaning every 90 days. If it is goes long time without cleaning then the lifespan of the cell will be shortened. Low salt level in the pool can also harmful for the cell plate; reason it can responsible for oxygen production. It is better to keep the salinity levels between 2500 and 3500 to operate chlorine generator greatly. You should also know that single generator will not perfect for different salinity levels. Different chlorine generator would be perfect for different salinity levels.

Health salt water pool problems

Salt water swimming pool is harmful for health, because the skin will absorb sodium, salt, and chlorine. It is not suitable for the patients with high blood pressure, circulatory issues and a history of stroke.


Although the salt water swimming pool is easy to maintenance but it is not a great alternative of the traditional pools. If you are not able to take care properly, then it can corrode different parts including chlorine generator of your pools. So you should consider above salt water pool problems before installation.

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