Water testing kits

The water testing kits are used for monitoring the quality of drinking water and controlling the important operational parameters. The kit is not given high level accurate result but it given a warp idea. This kit can help us by providing the idea about what is the condition of our water or check out how the treatment working on. Although we are not get exact result but this result is very important for us. Water test kit is the best technique to test the water quality in our home. There are several type water testing kits are used such as test strip, color disc, digital titration, drop count titration etc.

The water
testing kits are used for different quality test such as bacteria, Alkalinity, Arsenic, iron, lead, pesticides, pH, hardness, nitrites/nitrates, chlorine, chloride, dissolved oxygen, silica, phosphorus etc. Water test kit provides professional lab results in your own home within a short time. No mixing or measuring required.

Water ought to be uncontaminated and free from pathogenic organisms and unsafe chemicals. Contaminants in your drinking water system can lead to the severe health troubles. Some of them are described below:Water testing kits

Bacteria: E. coli and coliform Bacteria can cause serious illness or health problems.

Lead: Contaminants through the old brass plumbing components. It is an extremely poisonous metal and responsible for serious health problems such as effects on brain development and red blood cell, neurological and kidney damage. The highest level for lead in drinking water is 0.015 mg/L.

Arsenic: It is responsible for increasing the risk of bladder, lung, or skin cancer and cardiovascular disease. The highest level for arsenic in drinking water is 0.01 mg/L.

Pesticides: Contaminants through agricultural uses and responsible for increasing cancer rates.

Nitrates/nitrites: Contaminants through the fertilizers and animal waste or septic systems. It is responsible for oxygen deficiency in the blood, developmental and cancer problems. The maximum level for nitrate in drinking water is 10.0 mg/L.

Chlorine: It is responsible for raising cancer risk, bad taste and odor.

Hardness: It is responsible for lime scale, plumbing fixtures block, and higher detergent use.

pH: The pH is very important for industries such as boiler feed water. It is responsible for plumbing damage.

Alkalinity: It is caused by the presence of hydroxides, carbonates, bicarbonates, and other dissolved salts in the water. It is very important for food and beverage process or boiler water.

Iron: It is an essential element and has positive health effects for certain amount of level but negative effects for laundry and plumbing fixtures purpose.

Where to buy water testing kits
You can buy a water test kit from your neighboring residence center or online.

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