Whole house hold effects of hard water

There are several negative effects of hard water in whole house hold work such as limescale form in coffee makers, tea kettles, hot water heaters, steam irons, washing machine, faucets, shower heads, inside of pipes, taps etc. More soap and detergent is required in washing purpose.

When limescale are formed inside of pipes; it decreases flow through the pipes. In the long run pipes can turn into completely clogged. As a result sometimes may be required pipe replacement.

When hot water heater is heated with presence of hard water a scale is formed. This scale reduced the heating efficiency. Hence increase the heating cost.

When hard water is used in tea maker kettles or coffee makers as like hot water heater, a lime scale (insoluble calcium carbonate or calcium sulfate) can be developed insides of its. Moreover, the mineral presence in hard water can also be creating bitter test. In addition a film can observe on tea or coffee.

Ca2+(aq) + CO32-(aq) = CaCO3(s)

Soap is a sodium or potassium salt of fatty acid. When soap is added in hard water a white deposit is formed which is call soap scum. In this case the calcium and magnesium ions of hard water react with soap and replace the sodium or potassium ions and create another salt which is called lime soap.

2 C17H35COO + Ca2+ → (C17H35COO)2Ca

This lime soap is preventing to producing lather of soap and ineffective in washing purpose. Synthetic detergent is less vulnerable than soap in hard water. Scum is not formed by detergents. The reason for in synthetic detergents the active in gradient is sulphate or sulphonates which is inactivated to hardness.

In laundry purpose hard water can effects on fabric. It makes the yarn stiff and scratchy. Imperfect soil elimination from fabric lessens the colors intensity; an unpleasant odor may be developed. Moreover continuous washing in hard water can damage fibers and decrease the fabric life. If iron exists in hard water as ferric form a reddish yellow color can be developed on washed clothes. In addition it can make deposits in plumbing fixtures.

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