How to change a whole house water filter cartridge

Many people use water filter in their home but they do not know how to change a whole house water filter cartridge. The replacement of a filter cartridge is very easy, even for a new user. The cartridge changing can vary with model to model but they follow almost same principle. When you want to replace the cartridge, then firstly, you have to turn off the water filter’s inlet and outlet valve. Place a bucket under the filter. Twist the filter off with hand or with provided wrench. Normally the rotation is anti-clock. Remove the older cartridge and clean the inside filter with a clean dry cloth. Insert a new cartridge and tighten. You can use Teflon tape for proper sealing. Open the inlet and outlet valve. Allow the water to run for 5-10 minutes for the better result. Here we show you five different types of cartridge replacement.
change a whole house water filter cartridge

1. Aquasana aq 5300 – 3 stage water filter Cartridges Replacement

According to manufacturer website, Aquasana AQ-5300 can removes or reduces 77 harmful contaminants including odor, lead, mercury, asbestos, herbicides, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, chlorine, chloramines, and other volatile organic chemicals. It is 3 stages 20 micron pre-filter. You have to change the cartridges after every 6 months or after 600 gallons of water purification. This filter has a smart system to know the time when the cartridge has to change. They install a battery operated system. When the time appears to change the cartridge then you will get a buzzer sound and observe a small red light on top.

Aquasana 3 stage water filter Cartridge replacement is very easy, just twist off the filter housing, then replace the Cartridge, and twist back on. You do not need to disconnect water line or no plumber necessary. But the cartridges are color coded so you have to remember the color sequence during installation. One of them is black, while one of yellow and other is red. Replace the cartridge with the same color. At this time you have to replace the battery. The battery is found on the top under a tap. The battery and instruction manual comes with the replacement cartridges. To get best result you need to replace the cartridge with genuine Aquasana replacements.
whole house water filter cartridge replacement

2. DuPont whole house water filter cartridge replacement – dupont wfpfc8002

Every cartridge has a lifetime and capacity how the amount of water they can filtrate. According to manual, DuPont wfpfc8002 cartridge has three months lifetime and it can filter up to 15000 gallons water for your office or home. You have to replace the cartridge after the lifetime or after 15000 gallons of water filtration. Moreover, this time may be less or long depends on your supply water. If the water contains more rust then the lifetime may reduce while if the supply water contains the minimum amount of contaminants then the lifetime will be longer. This package includes two 10 inches universal cartridge which can reduce chlorine, silt, rust, and sediment. The cartridge made of fiber with activated carbon. It can filter out particle sizes over 5 microns. It means that it has the ability to filter out small sizes particles. DuPont wfpfc8002 is 10 inches long water filter cartridge so you can use them most of standard whole house water filter systems.

To change the DuPont wfpfc8002 cartridge, firstly rotate handle for close the built in shut off valve. Place a bucket under the filter housing. Then unscrew the filter housing up to detached from the head. Remove the used cartridge and wash the housing with dilute bleach. Then place a new cartridge and put on the housing with normal tighten. You can use Teflon tape for proper seal. Now rotate handle to open the valve. Flush the water for five minutes before using.

3. Culligan whole house water filter cartridge replacement

  1. The filter Culligan WH-HD200-C contains filter head, o-ring, cartridge, housing etc. It comes with Culligan p5 cartridge and a wrench.
  2. The filter head has a blue handle at the top to control a shut off valve. You can select three positions with this handle; service, bypass and shut off the water flow. To change the cartridge rotates the blue handle at the position to bypass or off. You should know the position “OFF” means shut off all water flow within the household whereas “Bypass” means continue water flow but the water does not go to cartridge.
  3. Now press the red button to relieve pressure.
  4. Unscrew the filter housing with the hand or wrench. The housing contains an O-ring which works as a well seal between the body and head so that the water does not leak. It is a thin black rubber band. Remove this o-ring and clean with soft clothes. Then, reject the used filter and rinse the housing thoroughly with dilute bleach.
  5. Then, lubricate the o-ring with food grade oil and place in the groove of the housing. You should remember the O-ring should be proper position; otherwise, you will not get a proper seal. Now replace the new cartridge and screw the housing to left hand (clockwise) for tight. In this case, it is better to use your hand for tightening, never over tighten.
  6. Rotate the handle to the service position for running water. Press the pressure release button to release any built up pressure. Check your filter for any leakage.
  7. After complete the replacement, reset cartridge life indicator by pressing reset button for two second. This button contains in head section.
  8. You have to run your water for minimum five minutes before using any purpose.
  9. The filter life indicator is battery operated. You will find the battery under this indicator. To replace the battery you have to open the holder in head section.

The p5 cartridge can remove sediment, rust, scale, dirt, coarse sand, sand, fine sand, extra fine sand, and silt. It is 5 micron grade cartridge. It has 2 months lifetime or can filter 8000 gallons of water. So you have to change the cartridge after 2 months or after 8000 gallons water filter. Without p5 you can use most of the standard water filter cartridge.

4. 3m aqua pure whole house replacement water filter – aqua pure ap917hd

The 3M Aqua-Pure Whole House Water Filter Cartridge AP917HD are suitable for the AP903 system. It reduces sediment, unpleasant chlorine taste and odor. It is 5 micron and activated carbon filter. The lifetime of this cartridge is one year. It can filtrate 100000 gallons of water. So you have to replace the cartridge after one year or after 100000 gallons of water filtration. Although it depends on the water quality of your area. If you notice an observable reduction of water flow, then you have to replace it.

This 3m aqua pure ap917hd whole house water filter cartridge replacement process is very simple. You do not need any tools. Just close the inlet and outlet valve. Put a bucket under the cartridge. Then press the side button and unclamp the body from the head by rotating anticlockwise. Now, clamp the new aqua pure ap917hd cartridge to the head by rotating clockwise. Follow the video instruction and see, what a simple process. Open the inlet and outlet valve. Open any tap and drain the water about five minute. Now enjoy fresh water life again.

5. Whirlpool whkf gac undersink water filter replacement cartridge

Whirlpool whkf gac undersink water filter cartridge can removes chlorine gas and odor from water. You can use this filter near to any sink where you use water for drinking purpose. It is a cold water system filter. The lifetime of the cartridge is six months. The capacity of the cartridge is 2000 gallon. You may have to replace the cartridge in earlier if the water flow rate drops at the observable amount.

The Whirlpool whkf whole house water filter cartridge replacement is easy task. Firstly turn off inlet water supply. Place a bucket under the filter so that no water can drop in the floor. Now press the air release red button to release pressure. Unscrew the housing with wrench and remove the old cartridge. Then wash the housing by soft cloth with dilute bleach or soap. Insert the new cartridge and fix the housing to head tightly. Turn on water inlet valve and press the air release button. Flush the system for minimum five minutes before consuming it.

If your water source is highly contaminant then the whole house water filter cartridge may not work properly. You should conform less contaminant water source otherwise your cartridge need to be changed frequently. Normally the used filter can remove chlorine, sediment, herbicides, pesticides, rust, and other chemicals. The best water filter can removes the particles size larger than 0.35 micron. When you change a whole house water filter cartridge then you should remember the capacity, removing particle size, and effective for which contaminants.

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