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Necessity of cooling tower water treatment

Cooling water is used in any kind of industry and trouble in a cooling water system affects the operation of the whole production plant as well as the system itself. Therefore, the suitable quality of the cooling water must be controlled so that trouble free operation may be ensured. Problems in cooling water system and their prevention Problems commonly encountered with cooling water Read more

Water crisis in Gaza strip

According to a report of PWA, the water crisis levels in all over the Gaza Strip have risen to an alarming stage; over 95 percent of the Palestinian territory’s aquifer is polluted with high levels of nitrates and chloride. Different tests show that pollutants in Gaza water are three times higher than the normal level. Moreover in most parts of the Gaza Strip, the pH level of water is below Read more

Effects on taste, odors and color of beverages by Water contaminants

We know that water is the main component of beverages. If water is contaminant by some of elements then it may effects on the taste, odors and color of beverages. Most treated water is chlorinated to destroy pathogenic bacteria and other micro-organisms. If the water contains little amount of free chlorine, even that are not identified by taste in water can react with others chemicals and may Read more

Effects of water pollution

Water may be polluted in different ways. It effects enormous on aquatic life, environment and human beings. Some effects of water pollution are described below: Effects of oxygen demanding wastes The bacterial degradation of waste in water requires oxygen. In this process the bacteria consume the dissolve oxygen in water. If there are huge amount of oxygen demanding wastes, then the oxygen Read more

Types and Sources of water pollution

The major sources of water pollution are domestic wastes, industrial wastes, agricultural, and natural. The wastes are discharged into natural bodies and chemical pesticides and fertilizers, part of which are washed and go to the water bodies. They altered the water from the natural state in physical condition, chemical and microbiological composition. The sources of water pollution are two Read more

The causes of water pollution

The elements that causes of water pollution are referred as the water pollutants. Water pollutants may be classified under the following categories: organic, inorganic, radioactive and so on. Organic pollutants: The following organic pollutants causes of water pollution. Oxygen demanding waste: These types of wastes are different natural materials (as like plant leaves, grass), some artificial Read more

Water Pollution in the River of Shela at sundarbans by oil spill

A tanker named “OT Southern Star 7”, carrying 3.57 lakh liters of furnace oil, sank in the river of Shela on December 09, 2014, which is flowing through the Sundarbans and threatening its unique biodiversity due to water pollution. Sundarbans is the world largest mangrove forest. It is declared World Heritage Centre by UNESCO. It is situated both in Bangladesh and India. The water bodies Read more

Water pollution and the signs of it

Water covers above 70 percent of the Earth’s surface. No life can survive without water. Hence, water is the most fundamental resource for living beings on the earth and for this reasons the other name of the water is life, but we polluted this water by many ways. Water Pollution may be defined in a number of ways. Water pollution occurs when many unwanted substances go into water bodies such Read more

Importance of water conditioning for soft drinks

Water is the main ingredient for soft drinks manufacturing; about 87%-90% is water in soft drinks. Even some product as like diet beverage may contain up to 99% water. The others important ingredients are citric acid, sodium citrate, sodium benzoate, sugar, flavor, carbon di oxide etc. Water is used not only as an fundamental part of the finished product but also used for many others functions Read more

Benefits of drinking alkaline water

Alkaline water means the pH level of the water is above seven. PH scale level is from 0 to 14, where pH level 7 is the neutral position. Below pH level 7 is acidic. Basically, pure water PH is 7, but many contaminants in the water, make change the pH. The best drinking water pH level should be 8 to 9, which is alkaline. It can be attained by alkalizing the water. Hence, it should be known what Read more